Caution – you’re being lied to

Data has become a constant in the delivery of new information. Whether it be studies, the news or the odd chart posted on social media, we all consume more data today than we ever have in the past. This can be fantastic. Data can typically provide concrete inputs to the information we’re reading. But data can also mislead. Whether it be deliberate or not, you’re at risk of being lied to by data.

Below is a 30 minute video on the most common ways people lie with data, and how you can avoid them. In a world of information it’s important that we are able to detect was is valid and what is tainted. This video is completely free – but we are releasing it in conjunction with fundraising efforts for local homeless shelters. If you like the video – or even if you don’t – please consider a $20 donation to your local shelter. If you send the donation to or send proof of donation to the same email between September 6 and September 13 we will match that donation as well