What services we provide

We understand that you might not be using data right now, or that you might not know the first thing about your data. Or you might be a well-oiled data machine. That’s ok. We help businesses with varying degrees of data and will build from scratch or improve upon your current data process. We create and show you your data, organized and in an easily digestible visual- ready for you to use to grow your business!

How we help you

We use software like Tableau to bring your data together into a functional visual piece pf analytics.

Before the visual, we collect your data (excel sheets, PDFs, scanned documents, etc), and organize it all.
Once we have your data organized, we then research to fill any data gaps, and combine it all into a working, an appealing set of data. We help you make your data work for you!

We work with a variety of industries including sports, games, weather, marketing, etc. What sets our analytics apart is not just the detail we put into it, but the easy visuals and animations from our Tableau platform!

Superb data leads to excellent, informed decisions.
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